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Field Development

Project description

The Liberator Field Development is located 120km north east of Aberdeen, in the South Halibut Basin of the Moray Firth Province.

The Liberator project will initially be developed as a 2 or 3 production well tie-back to existing in-place or redeployed FPSO host infrastructure. Oil will be transported to the host via a single 10inch production pipeline with lift gas provided by a 4inch service pipeline. An electro-hydraulic umbilical will provide control functions to the subsea development.

Our Scope

PDi’s initial scope for the 2 FPSO host options under consideration (existing in-field Bleo-Holm or redeployed Voyager Spirit) includes:

  • Project management
  • Basis of Design Compilation
  • Flow Assurance Studies
  • Field Architecture development
  • Control system integration studies
  • Novel technology review.

The scope of work will include:

  • Rigid pipelines, coatings, insulation, anodes, piggyback blocks, trenching etc
  • Umbilicals
  • Control System
  • Flexible Risers
  • Rigid spoolpieces/flexible jumpers and associated protections
  • Manifolding facilities, valves, flanges etc.

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​February 2019 (Ongoing)

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